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Bring your Black Sheep, Illicit Loves, Heroes, Heroines and even the odd Skeleton to a choice of workshops and seminars that run throughout the year.  Alternatively, wherever you are, From The Hearth can help by offering individual tutorials on-line. 

Having written your story, what then?

We can offer book design and publication.

For venues, dates and costs please contact us on 01803 865 152.

Whether you’ve already started a project, or have only the seed of an idea, we look forward to hearing from you when we can discuss your project in more detail.

See below for an outline of the workshops:


narrative workshops

Workshop 1




Narrative Workshops

Workshop 2




narrative workshops

Workshop 3




narrative workshops

Workshop 4




narrative workshops

Workshop 5




narrative workshops

Workshop 6


"Really interesting - and a wonderful host!!"Murray

"I felt free to be myself. It took me through a variety of emotions and I felt free to ask questions without feeling foolish or too inexperienced to have a voice. Thanks Debs!" Sheila

"I did not know what to expect. It was a very good surprise that will bring some change."Serge

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