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Do you have an ancestor whose story needs to be told?

Does your memoir contain the creative flare that it deserves?

From The Hearth can help you turn remnants of memory into vibrant life-stories, leaving a legacy for future generations.

From The Hearth aims beyond the notion of ‘best-seller’. Instead, it recognises the value of recording the countless lives that make up our collective human story.

Today, when the tradition of sitting around the fire or the kitchen table to tell stories of our ancestors has all but disappeared, From The Hearth promotes the idea that no one is more eligible than kith and kin to write about their own bloodline, arriving, as it will, from the heart. Please turn to our Workshops and Tutorials page to learn more.

Deborah Warne



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"Really interesting - and a wonderful host!!"Murray, Isle of Wight

"I did not know what to expect. It was a very good surprise that will bring some change."Serge, Devon
"...worked us hard: questioned our use of language; exposed ubiquitous 'dead clichés'; and persuaded us to experiment with different 'voices'. Many thanks for your skilled and heartfelt instruction."Heart & Soul Funerals, Celebrants' Conference, Birmingham

"Thank you for the first Workshop and your comments so far. You make some good points and I realise that I have been overly cautious in writing about my characters. That "would have been" just has to go,"John Holliday, Australia

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